"Highway Melodies distributes special edition New Testaments to truckers"

using a successful and cost effective program for reaching thousands of truck drivers


The purpose of Highway Melodies is, very simply, to spread the Word of God to truck drivers in North America and help lead them to accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. Our special edition New Testament Bibles are designed specifically for truckers, and we have a very successful and cost-effective program for reaching thousands of truckers.


Truckers-Bible-NIV-Highway-MelodiesThe New Testament – New International Version

Special edition Bible for truckers printed by Highway Melodies and marked with The Romans Road plan of salvation

Paperback 5″ x 8″ • 300 pages

Order a case of 44 NIV New Testament Bibles at cost ($1.45 each), plus shipping (wt. 25#)

$63.80 + $18.00 S/H


Bible Display Stand


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BibleDisplay4Today, Highway Melodies Inc. places many thousands of New Testament Bibles nationwide, each year, through several dozen volunteer distributors. These distributors range from active truck drivers to retired ones, from churches to truck stops, from individuals to organizations and businesses. God has allowed us to build a widespread network, but the field is still white unto harvest - with many truck stops not covered.

Highway Melodies also offers free individual and family Bible studies for those interested and several board members help represent our ministry in churches that are interested in pulpit supply or ministry presentations. We continue to work on a variety of media materials that explain our ministry and help raise funds to carry on the ministry vision, and we’d be pleased to get you more information.